"What I love is acting. And what I'm passionate about is truth and living life fearlessly. And figuring out why people say the things they do. What they mean. Who we really are. That's why I love acting. And that's why I love creating characters. It's who I am and why I do what I do."

Originally from Australia, Gina now lives in Los Angeles. She spend most of her time in LA researching roles, writing and filming. Gina goes back and forth to New York several times a year, and currently to develop a one-woman show based on Joan Crawford with acting coach and director
Susan Batson. "Susan is a genius, both as a coach and a mentor. We have developed a close working relationship which is a constant source of inspiration for me."

Gina has starred and played leading roles in many films, played a recurring guest role on one of the highest rating dramas in Australia, had guest roles on the biggest network crime dramas, won awards, been invited to speak about her career at high-profile industry events, worked as an improvisor and has done a prolific amount of theater.
"The little teapot was my first role when I was 4 years old, dancing around on stage with a blue bonnet and red lipstick."

Gina was born a small Australian country town and her parents owned the local movie theater. She would sneak up to the projection booth to watch her father splice film together and peek out the high windows into the cinema dreaming of being on the big screen herself. At age 10, her parents sold their cinema and packed the family into a caravan to travel around Australia for a year exploring the outback. They ended up in Melbourne where as a teenager Gina was strongly involved in local theater. After school she took off on her own to travel the world, exploring places like Cairo, Paris, Dublin, Bangkok, Berlin and Barcelona. Then landed back in Melbourne and, since going to the National Theater Drama School, Gina has been working continuously in film, theater, and television. As her acting career took off, Gina attained a degree with majors in Sociology and Marketing, worked training executives in communication skills, wrote programs and ran training events on investing, and travelled extensively through South-East Asia. Since moving to the USA, Gina has been booked to work consistently in film and TV, and she is starting to enjoy some script writing herself. She has also started sharing her passion, knowledge and extensive training with American actors. And, she's really been enjoying exploring the majestic countryside and has become a Reiki Master too!